At we-consult, we  make sure that each and every service provided by us will be useful for our clients. We provide the following service for our client.

1) Court Marriage Registration:

We provide court marriage registration service in Thane city. The citizen of Thane, Mumbai, and Navi-Mumbai come and make their marriage registration through our service. We will make sure that the procedure will go legally and in a transparent way.

2) Leave And License Agreement Registration:

A leave and license agreement is an instrument/agreement wherein the licensor allow the licensee to temporarily occupy and use one portion of his/her property for carrying on his business for residential purposes.

For leave and license procedure you need certain documentation and also an agreement form which state that procedure is done legally. Moreover, the licensor allowed the licensee to occupy the property legally.

We help you to make this thing happen. There is a need for certain documents and you can rely on us for until the procedure is done.

3) Stamp Duty And Power Of Attorney

Taking possession is the physical transfer of the property is needful but it is not sufficient. You also need to have legal ownership. At the time of registration, you will also have to pay a stamp duty which is a government tax levied on property transactions. This is a huge problem because a procedure is lengthy.

But it can be done as we can help you to make it possible. We help out to complete the procedure of stamp duty and power of attorney.